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Group of Dancers

Policies & Procedures​

Second Street Dance Company does not mail out information packets or billing statements. All studio information is sent out as email, so please make sure we have an email address for you on file that you check. All recital/ showcase info goes out via email as well.

Students are registered and her/his place is held in class for the entire school year, from the date the registration form is signed through the end of May for our recital/ showcase. Unless the student is removed from class by having a parent or guardian sign and date the “Class Withdrawal” form, the parent or guardian will be responsible for tuition payments for the session. Coming into the studio and signing the withdrawal form is the only way to withdraw from a class and stop tuition payments.

There must be at least three students in a class for that class to be held. If a class falls below the four students during the year, it may be cancelled at any time throughout the year.

Please do not let your child go into the dance studios until the teacher calls them in for class. Teachers are only responsible for students during class time. Office personnel are not responsible for students at any time.

Registration fee: There is an annual $35.00 registration fee per family and due at the time of registration.

Tuition: Tuition is due during the last week of the month for the next month. Tuition received after the 5th of the month will have a $25 late fee added. A $25 charge will be added for any returned checks or insufficient funds on automatic withdrawals. If you know you will be gone during the week tuition is due, please pay early. If a child is sick during the week tuition is due, you may mail the payment in or call our office and make special payment arrangements.

Refund policy: No credits or refunds for missed classes. Classes that are canceled due to snow days will be made up on a Saturday morning prior to recital/ showcase.

Recital/ Showcase and December show- It is understood that all registered students will participate in the Seasonal Shows. We may have a show in December and a show in May. 

Studio Closure: If the school district in your area is closed, we will send out an email as well as the Team App updates by 3:00pm to let you know if we will be holding classes or not. Often by this time the roads have been cleared and we will be holding class. Sometimes, we may not. You will be notified.

Dress Code: We will be strongly implementing the dress code for the safety of our students and also to allow them to get the most out of their classes. Those students who do not follow dress codes will have to sit during their class time.

We have sent links to purchase all required leotards and tights and shoes on our Team App. When a dancer is dressed like a dancer, they dance like a dancer. Students hold their posture differently, perform differently, and expect more out of themselves when they are dressed like a dancer. No large or dangling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or watches. Parents, please make sure that your child is abiding by the dress code. Black leotard pink tights and pink ballet shows for ballet class. Hair must be in a bun. 

  • Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary: Black shorts or leggings and black shirt. Hair should be up off the dancer’s neck (example: a ponytail, braids or pigtails). Long bangs (longer then eyebrows) must be held back in a barrette or headband also. Please bring along what you need to put your hair up for class. Students should have jazz shoes and toe undies. Please see office for details.
  • Hip Hop: Hip-hop students can wear leggings, shorts, or looser-fitted clothing. Street clothing is not allowed, i.e. no jeans, sweatshirts, street shoes (sneakers), no jewelry. Hair can be worn down for hip-hop. Dancers must wear non-street tennis shoes. Please purchase just for dance.
  • Tap: Tap shoes required.
  • Ballet uniform dress code is by levels/ please see office 

Have more questions? Please let us know! WE will get back to you asap, please allow 24 hours for reply 

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