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Becky Thompson / Artistic Director/ Founder


A highly accomplished and passionate artist, embarked on her artistic journey at the age of four in the vibrant landscape of Southern California. Through extensive training and dedication, she honed her craft, attending various studios and the prestigious Chula Vista School for the Creative and Performing Arts.

With a versatile career spanning several years, Becky's artistic pursuits have embraced a wide array of styles and disciplines, establishing her as a well-rounded performer. Her commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of perfection led her to remarkable success in her professional endeavors.

As an integral member of the esteemed San Diego Performing Arts Company, Becky had the privilege of gracing stages and choreographing for esteemed audiences, including the United States Armed Forces, across the nation.

Inspired by her artistic vision and unwavering dedication, Becky also found her calling as an Artistic Director and Founder. Drawing from her vast experience, she nurtures emerging talent, fostering a new generation of artists and marketable individuals who make a lasting impact on the world of performing arts.

Anneliese Carlson / Ballet Director 

Anneliese Carlson's journey in the world of dance began when she moved to Pueblo, Colorado, at the age of 10. Captivated by a local performance of The Nutcracker Ballet, she fell in love with ballet and enrolled at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center School of Dance. There, she received comprehensive training in various dance styles, becoming a part of the pre-professional company in 2008.

After graduating high school, Anneliese embarked on a path of sharing her passion for ballet by becoming a ballet instructor, specializing in teaching the Vaganova Ballet Method at different local studios. Alongside her dance pursuits, she pursued higher education, earning an Associate Degree in English from Pueblo Community College in 2017 and a Bachelor's Degree in health science and public health from Colorado State University Pueblo in 2023.

In 2018, Anneliese joined the staff of Second Street Dance Company as the Ballet Director, bringing sixteen years of pre-professional and professional dance experience and eight years of ballet pedagogy experience. Beyond dance, she is dedicated to the Pueblo community, working as a Youth and Community Project Coordinator at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment.

Additionally, Anneliese is a professional dancer with Evolve Dance Project, Pueblo's only local professional dance company. With a passion to educate future dancers holistically and a profound love for Pueblo youth and the community, Anneliese is thrilled to begin her sixth season with Second Street Dance Company.

Gabrielle Bilger/ Ballet Instructor 

Gabrielle Bilger's journey in dance began at the age of four in Pueblo, Colorado, at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center-School of Dance. Under the mentorship of Michelle Boutros and Brittany Walker, both Dance graduates of Belhaven University, Gabrielle underwent rigorous training in Ballet, Modern, and Jazz dance techniques. During her pre-professional training at SDC School of Dance, she shone in principal roles, including Myrtha in Giselle, Carmen in Carmen, Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, and more.

Gabrielle's dedication to dance led her to attend numerous summer intensives at SDC SOD and Kaatsbaan Extreme Ballet in New York, where she trained under renowned figures like Martin van Hamill and Kevin McKenzie. Her talent also brought her to Denver Ballet Guild, where she had the opportunity to perform in front of esteemed dance professionals.

After further training in Tampa, Florida, under Christina Acosta and Richard Ploch, Gabrielle returned to her hometown of Pueblo, Colorado, where she began teaching ballet and modern technique. Currently, she thrives as a dancer with Evolve Dance Project, showcasing her passion and talent on the stage.

Anya Daneluk/ Irish Step Instructor 

Anya Daneluk, a native of New Jersey and currently based in Pueblo West, has been immersed in the world of Irish dancing for the past two decades. Her deep love for dance has continued to blossom throughout her adulthood, making it the focal point of her life.

Anya is renowned as one of the top Irish dancers globally, achieving remarkable accolades in prestigious competitions such as the North American Nationals, All Ireland Championships, and earning multiple-time finalist positions at the World Championships of Irish Dancing.

Beyond her competition success, Anya's professional journey has taken her to grand stages as the principal female lead in multiple shows, gracing some of the world's largest arenas. Her expertise in the field has made her a sought-after professional, particularly for aspiring dancers aiming for a career in dance.

Thrilled to collaborate with Second Street, Anya is eager to bring diversity and her exceptional talent to the community.

Genevieve Langlois/ Modern/ Jazz/ Heels Instructor 



Genevieve is a seasoned and passionate dance teacher with an impressive journey in the world of dance. From a young age, her love for dance blossomed, leading her to train at esteemed institutions such as Le Studio, Pasadena Civic Ballet, and Millenium, under the guidance of industry's top professionals.

Her dedication extended to academics, earning her a BA in Dance from the University of California at Riverside, where she explored contemporary, modern, ballet, tap, and dance composition.

Throughout her remarkable 23-year career as a professional dancer, Genevieve performed for renowned brands and shared the stage with acclaimed artists like Usher, Snoop Dogg, and Avicii, leaving her mark on iconic events like Super Bowl XXVII.

For the past decade, Genevieve has been passing on her expertise, teaching various dance styles to aspiring dancers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Pueblo West. She's also coached dance and cheer teams at prestigious institutions, including Providence High School and Pueblo West High School.

As a valued faculty member of the Second Street Dance Company, Genevieve takes pride in nurturing young talents and looks forward to an exciting 3rd season.

Marcus Lira/ Hip Hop Instructor 

Meet Marcus Lira, an exceptional Hip Hop Instructor hailing from Pueblo, Colorado. With a deep-rooted passion for Hip Hop, he began imparting the foundations of this dynamic dance style to eager students. Starting his dance journey at Sarah Shaw Studio in Pueblo, Marcus quickly outgrew his training and ventured to expand his skills.

Marcus's expertise in Hip Hop has led him to teach at various locations across Colorado, sharing his love for this expressive form of dance with aspiring artists. For the past three years, he has been an integral part of the vibrant Second Street Dance Company, enriching the studio with his unique style and artistry.

With unwavering enthusiasm, Marcus looks forward to bringing the essence of Foundations of Hip Hop to the studio, inspiring students to groove and connect with the beat like never before. His dedication to cultivating the next generation of dancers continues to leave an indelible mark on the dance community in Pueblo and beyond.

Marek Daneluk/ Hip Hop Instructor 

Marek Daneluk, a product of Second Street Dance Company (SSDC), embodies the essence of Hip Hop culture and dance education imparted by our esteemed instructors. With a strong passion for dance and a deep-rooted connection to SSDC, Marek's journey has come full circle as he now shares his expertise with the next generation of dancers.

Marek's exceptional gift lies in his ability to connect with children and provide them with effective and engaging instruction. His natural flair for teaching has made him a cherished member of the SSDC staff.

Having honed his skills within the very walls that nurtured his own talent, Marek brings an authentic and relatable perspective to his teaching. He takes immense pride in representing the values and spirit of SSDC as he imparts the art of Hip Hop to budding dancers.

With Marek Daneluk's contributions, SSDC continues to thrive, fostering a community of passionate dancers and leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance education.

    Saundra Gerstmeyer/ Ballet/ Tap Instructor 



Saundra Gerstmeyer is a highly experienced instructor, specializing in Ballet, Tap, and Tumble for young dancers. With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of teaching, Saundra is particularly renowned for her expertise with dancers aged 3 and above. Her previous role as a studio owner further attests to her leadership and dedication to dance education. The anticipation for Saundra's return to Second Street Dance Company this season is palpable. Her rejoining our team brings a wealth of expertise that will undoubtedly benefit our young dancers, fostering their growth and passion for dance. Saundra's nurturing approach and extensive experience make her an invaluable asset to our dance community, and we eagerly look forward to the positive impact she will have on our dancers' artistic journey this season.

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